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The New Green Glam Look

The New Green Glam Look

Expressive and glamorous: Warm and intensive colours highlight the eyes.  

Check out the full Make Up tutorial as seen on Beauty TV here.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: get the Glam

  1. Prepare your face with a base and contour it with bronzing powder.
  2. Apply the concealer Light Beige #21, starting with the inner corner of the eye, following the shadows around the eyes.
  3. Use the primer Fix Forever #26 on the upper eye lid to smoothe fine wrinkles.
  4. Apply the concealer Light Beige #21 on the lid as well in order to fix the lose powder pigments later on.
  5. Use Feminine Bronze #07 on the top lid. Then, dab the Glamour Green #29 powder pigments carefully with a brush on the upper lid. Try pressing the powder on the skin rather than stroking it. This way, the powder merges with the cream base below.
  6. Mix the darker copper tone Signature Copper #09 with the lighter tone Ultra Bronze #19, as well as the gold tone Touch of Gold #23, and apply the colour mixture beneath the lower lash line.
  7. Contour the cheeks: Mix Energy Orange #04, Glamourous Nude #06 und Feminine Bronze #07 for a ginger blush. Use this combo for the area below the cheek bones and let it phase out towards the front.
  8. Now your glamorous look is done – and it’s time to shine!

Colours to use:

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