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The Vegan Pinks Look

The Vegan Pinks Look

Those rosy colours add a fresh glow to your face.

Highlight your lips and eyes softly with this glossy look.

Check out the full Make Up tutorial as seen on Beauty TV here.


  1. Prep your face with Moisturizing Oil or a base and apply Concealer Light Beige #21 underneath the eyes to reduce dark eye shadows.
  2. Mix the rosy shades Confident Pink #05 and #20 Shiny Rose and apply the combination to the upper eyelid. Afterwards, blend the colours with the Blender Brush.
  3. Add the highlight: Use the glossy shade Embellishing Rose #13 on the middle of the upper lid, to open up the eyes.
  4. Add depth to your eyes: Apply Transformation Brown #03 in the outer corner of the eye and blend this darker shade with the Blender Brush.
  5. Dab the Highlighter Touch of Silver #25 with your finger tips or a Brush with a rounded form in the inner corner of the eye.
  6. Merge Confident Pink #05 and Shiny Rose #20. Apply this mixture with the narrow Eyeshadow Brush just below the lower lash line.
  7. Add the finishing touches to your Eye Make up: Use Touch of Silver #25 on the inner corner of the top lid.
  8. Dab Confident Pink #05 with your finger tips or a fluffy Blush Brush on the highest point of the cheek and blend the blush for a smooth transition.
  9. Apply Confident Pink #05 with the lip brush onto your lips and dab Highshine Gloss #15 on top.
  10. Create Highlights: Apply Embellishing Silver #14 on the cupid’s bow and above the blush on the cheek bones.  
  11. Brush your eye brows upwards in order to open up your gaze. Then, apply black mascara to your lashes.
  12. Complete the look: dab Highshine Gloss #15 with your finger tips on the top lid for the ultimate glow.
  13. Now your fresh look is complete & you‘re ready to glow!

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