SHAMANIC cosmetics – Our Story

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The name SHAMANIC as a term aims at shamanic traditions and describes the principles behind our SHAMANIC cosmetics. As well as the extraction and processing of the raw materials, which is done by the locals in their tradition and according to their knowledge and experience. SHAMANIC does not want to impart religious beliefs or apply them. We rely on traditions, not on religion. And these traditions include the principles of harvesting and processing our raw materials. SHAMANIC cosmetics stands for high quality and effective natural cosmetics, which considers and respects both traditions and science. We do not represent any religious community, we serve the need for beauty, radiance, self-esteem and well-being. We are respectful, open, modern and tolerant.

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The active principle of our SHAMANIC cosmetics is based on the knowledge that plants as well as humans have a life energy which can be measured by biophotons. We have made it our business to use this life energy – and to transfer the natural power of plants to the health and radiance of skin and hair. With the access to the traditional knowledge of the shamans we have come to the profound conviction that the vitality of the plants contributes significantly to the effectiveness of our SHAMANIC cosmetics – as long as we treat nature with care and respect.

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We obtain our valuable active oils from wild collections. A Brazil nut collected from the wild is – like all our ingredients – a very precious raw material. The active ingredient content of such a Brazil nut is 700% higher than that of a cultivated plantation plant from organic farming. For the first time, SHAMANIC cosmetics is making these treasures from the Amazon region available in the form of valuable skin and hair care products. The collection follows old shamanic rituals and is highly sustainable, as it is only collected in places and quantities that the jungle can tolerate. This kind of income offers economic independence to the indigenous peoples. From these already very valuable raw materials, special active oil compositions are created in our Starnberg factory – using the latest scientific findings and, of course, certified and continuously controlled according to the German BDIH standard for natural cosmetics. Through the right composition of the oils the effect is increased. The knowledge of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon region is a great inspiration for us. A special glass protects the freshness and energy of our SHAMANIC active oils. SHAMANIC cosmetics are vegan, contain no added water, therefore no preservatives, emulsifiers or alcohol and are thus maximum skin and hair compatible. The result of this careful process are products with a particularly intensive effect. The vitality of our wild collections, the natural high concentration of active ingredients, bring skin and hair into balance. Naturally healthy skin and hair give a radiance that comes from within. This shows that it is possible to make the treasures of nature accessible.


The Founders about SHAMANIC cosmetics

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