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SHAMANIC The Oil Skin care

Our SHAMANIC The Oil skin care includes 14 vegan, 100% natural and certified natural cosmetic products. The SHAMANIC The Oil skin care range consists of four facial oils, tailored to different skin types and needs. The facial care range also includes our Micellar Cleansing Oil, a nourishing face balm, our two face masks, a rich eye care and a lip care.

In addition, SHAMANIC The Oil body and hair care includes two body cream oils and two hair oils.


SHAMANIC The Oil – Philosophy

Our SHAMANIC The Oil care products are based on our philosophy that the life energy from nature can be transferred to the health of skin and hair to ensure a healthy complexion. After more than 10 years of research and subsequent trials with almost 1000 oils, we know that this can only be achieved in the form of the purest and most carefully combined natural oils. The ideal skin and hair care is based on pure oil recipes that ensure an optimal water balance of skin and hair. For this we use exclusively raw materials from wild collection from the Amazon region. We harvest according to old shamanic criteria and only as much as nature can tolerate. The valuable ingredients are then cold pressed to protect their effectiveness. Our active oils are also unrefined and are composed in our factory in Starnberg according to the latest scientific findings into BDIH-certified, highly effective products.

The best effectiveness of our products unfolds with regular and long-term use or in our specially developed spa treatment. Click here to watch our video about the SHAMANIC Spa Treatment.

More information about our history and philosophy can be found here.