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Hyaluron Fix Forever Powder


Matting powder finish with sun protection factor 30 to round off the make-up and care routine.

Born in Amazonia. Made in Germany.

Lieferzeit: 2 Weeks

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Fixing powder finish for all skin types. Finest pigments with oil-absorbing and matting properties refine the skin texture and act as an optical soft focus. Contains a mineral sun protection with sun protection factor 30.


High-quality hyaluron combines with the skin’s residual moisture. The very fine particles penetrate into deep skin structures and hold the moisture there. The skin is replenished from the inside and the hyaluronic acid thus provides a rejuvenated skin appearance due to its storage effect. Pigments based on silicon dioxide and zinc oxides enable sun protection with SPF 30. The high-quality powder does not contain talc or preservatives and its oil-free formula provides a matting effect. The zinc pigments achieve a uniform effect due to their particularly fine structure and whiten significantly less than conventional pigments. The result is a fine, rejuvenated and well-dampened skin appearance where small wrinkles are illuminated without appearing mask-like.


Can be used as a final finish and combined with all SHAMANIC The Oil & The Colours products and the SHAMANIC Energy Effect Hyaluron To Go Serum. To fix the make-up, apply in parts or all over the face, alternatively mix with a mineral foundation or face powder. Can also be used as a supplement after the care routine. Remove a small amount of the powder with a brush, wipe off excess product from the palm of your hand or the edge of the jar and spread over the face.


Matting powder finish with sun protection factor 30 to round off the make-up and care routine.


hyaluronic acid, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, silicate, zinc oxide

INCI: Silica, Cl 77891, Zinc Oxide, Cl 77491, Sodium Hyaluronate


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