Our History

started working in the beauty industry right after graduating from high school – in the perfumery of a luxury department store. She supported herself during her studies in marketing by working at the counter where she always got in touch with the latest beauty products. As project manager for Manhattan Cosmetics, she was responsible for the whole range of product categories. In subsequent years, SCHOKOLADE advertising film production was built with her as co-business owner and managing director. Her focus has been on beauty projects – she has overseen hundreds of tutorials and videos with the topics of make up, skin care and hair care. Trade, marketing and communication. As a result, she had the opportunity to co-create an uncompromising beauty line – in which she put the combined knowledge of her 25 years of experience in the business.

After 25 years in the development / management of various cosmetics companies TILO PLÖGER realized that synthetic cosmetics only provide short-term, superficial effects. And that natural cosmetics are still full of far too many compromises, such as refining oils in order to preserve them for a long time (thus preventing their effects). Following his vision as well as his knowledge, experience and access to the ancient tradition in connection with science, he invented a completely new generation of natural cosmetic compositions. Highly effective, waterless, uncompromisingly based on unrefined, cold-pressed active oils from wild Amazon collections. The completion of SHAMANIC to marketability required more than 10 years of research and development.

Anja Raiser
Tilo Plöger


The word SHAMANIC and “shamanic tradition” both mean that the extraction and processing of raw materials is carried out by the locals in their tradition and according to their knowledge and experience. SHAMANIC does not want to convey religious principles and does not follow them. We rely on traditions, not religions. And these traditions are based on principles of harvesting, processing, etc. We are simply a good, natural cosmetics brand that considers and respects traditions as well as science. We do not represent any faith community; we serve the need for beauty, charisma, self-esteem and well-being. We are respectful, open, modern and tolerant.


SHAMANIC is the essence of self-healing natural power. The active principle of SHAMANIC is based on the knowledge that plants as well as humans have a life energy measurable via biophotons. We have made it our mission to use this life energy – and to transfer the natural power of plants to the health and radiance of skin and hair.Using the precious access to the great traditional shamanic knowledge, we have come to the deep conviction that the vitality of plants play the most crucial role for the effectiveness of our SHAMANIC products (- also because we handle nature with particular care). For further scientific information please take a look at our scientific research.


Our precious active oils are sourced exclusively from wild collections. A wild-collected Brazil nut, e.g., is a very valuable resource. The active substance of such a Brazil nut is in fact 700% higher than that of a cultivated plantation plant from eco cultivation. These treasures from the Amazon region make SHAMANIC accessible for the first time in the form of valuable skin and hair care oils. From wild collections, we obtain high-quality oils in cold pressing almost without loss of the active ingredients contained therein. The valuable active oils remain unrefined and unfiltered, since 80% of all active ingredients would be lost in these processes. The collection follows ancient shamanic rituals and is highly sustainable as the plants and fruits are only collected in places and in quantities that the jungle can tolerate. This kind of income means economic independence for Indigenous peoples.

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