Shamanic Principles

The naturopathy of the Inca and the world shamans is based on a holistic understandion of the chains of effect between body, mind and soul as well as the chemistry and energy , the spirit of the plant. Because of this, a plant can only reach its full effective potential if certain defined processes are being realized during its extraction, production, use and marketing. There are four quality attributes of outstanding importance.

  1. Active ingredients should never be broken up into their base components. The whole is always more than the sum of the parts (the orchestra theory which has been scientifically proven in the meantime). Healing is created between human and human - chemical, synthetic and industrial processes and organizations harm this unity. The right persons have to be involved in the right creation processes across all value-creation stages. 
  2. Healing plants have to be connected to their protective spirits through a shamanic ritual. Like this, the unique energization, which is responsible for the product's effectiveness, is formed. 
  3. Each bodily symptom is based on a malfunction on an energetic plane of the person. A holistic healing can only be performed if all of these malfunctions are treated. All products are spiritually aligned in a defined process to act physiotherapeutically and energetically towards humans.
  4. Each chemical change and synthetic additive creates a disturbance of the effect system and is to be avoided.
  5. SHAMANIC respects and follows shamanic experiences and principles in all stages of production.

Ritual Extraction of Raw Materials

The acitve ingredients are extracted by local indigenous tribes which is the only way to ensure an ecologically and econo,ically correct extraction.

The aquisition - as well as all other production and marketing steps - are performed manually by an experienced shaman or by assistants who are supervised carefully. Only like this the compliance with traditional rituals for extraction can be maintained. In addition, medicine men know best which plant provides most active ingredients at which time of the year. The shaman says that he would be called by the right plant.

Traditional Recipies

The development team of SHAMANIC is formed of experienced shamans, ethnobotanists, naturopathists and natural cesometicists. Like this, we can ensure that the products fulfill western espectations while not getting too far away from their roots.

The formulas are based on original recipies from the decendents of the Inca. These have partially been passed on or described scientifically, so that they can be reproduced in SHAMANIC.

Some methods of application can not be transferred one to one for different reasons. Some of them are legally problematic (e.g. use of halluzinogenic drugs), and partially incompatible (the use of certain incense or oils). In other cases an ecologically correct extraction can not be ensured. In these cases we waive the use of these ingredients.

All formulas are being produces without the addition of colorants or preservants (chemical or organic alike).