Production in Manufactured Quality

The products we sell are completely handmade. Each formula is manufactured and bottled carefully in small quantities. This last stage in our production process is realized in GErmany. Like this, we can ensure compliance with quality standards - especially regarding cleanliness - and implement quality control.

Bottled in Violet Glass

Shamanic's sensitive serums, tinktures and fragrances are bottled and stored in violet glass. Violet glass has some of the best qualities as a packaging material. The packaging protects the products from harmfull radiation and is chamically inert. Moreover, the violet glass energizes the formulas additionally with a high density of biophotons.

The unique qualities of this glass are scientifically proven. The swiss Biologist Dr. Niggli espresses this in is studies as follows: "The storage qualities of the samples that were stored in violet glass are significantly better, show a calmer oscillation and less energy loss."

Alignment and Energization

The last, most important step in the production of every SHAMANIC product is a ritual energization in agreement with the Inca Tradition of the medicine wheel. Each product is subjected to a defined process in order to heighten its vibe energy. The active ingredients of each product are linked to their spirits in holy rooms and thus "reminded" of their intended effect. Finally, the products are sealed energetically in order to protect them from external influencens.

Ready to ship products are stored in a special, neutral and protected room.

The product is now ready to use with its full shamanic potential.