Concious Application of Raw Materials

SCHAMANIC's main source of ingredients is the extended area formerly populated with the Inca Culture. The area reaches from the Andes wide into the Amazonas River Delta and the parts of Middle America formerly populated by the Maya. The active ingredients have a centuries old healing tradition in the Andine Shamanism. Even tough SHAMANIC also uses newest scientific developements, the traditional knowledge of the Indeginous Cultures, which has proven its value throughout the centuries, is our main focus.

All active ingredients are taken from wild plants which have grown in in harmony with the rhythm of nature. A fire clearing would preceed the growing of, and thus, the extraction of ingredients from cultivated plants in South America. According to Incan Philosophy the plants loose their protective spirits when growing on fire-cleared grounds. In conclusion, we use wild plants only.

We only use herbal ingredients. We do not use animal products, as they are energetically inferior in the context of the products. Hence, all recipies are strictly vegan.


Careful Processing

All ingredients are extracted as a whole and processed without prior chemical alteration. We do not use any solvents for extraction or other "chemical filters" for separation or alteration and enrichment of the ingredients.

The raw materials are not conserved or exposed to radioactivity to extend their durability.

The ingredients are processed further as a whole, without dissolving them. Also, they are not being dehydrated chemically or by freezing them. Oils are processed unraffined.