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Effective Shamanic cosmetics based on the Inca and Maya traditions. 100 % Effectiveness. 100 % Energy. 100 % Freshly Manufactured Quality.

Fragrance to enhance spiritual integrity
Therapeutic Facial Oil for Dry Skin
Sacred Treatment
Pore reducing and activating facial serum
Royal Serum
Fragrance for Inner and Outer Harmony
Quinta Essentia
Active Anti Aging Oil for dry and stressed skin
Miraculous Therapy
Fragrance for Healing and Protection of the aura
Mer Ka Ba
Fragrance for Spiritual Development
Medicine Wheel
Fragrance for healing of the inner child
Fragrance to spark the intuition
Halls of Amenti
Fragrance enhancing Feelings and Compassion
Flower of Life
Fragrance for Enhancing the Energy Levels
El Dorado
Fragrance to bring out the talents and personal calling

Resellers will receive a 50% discount on their first purchase.

Resellers and Specialty Sales Representatives like doctors, healing practitioners (Naturopaths) or farmacies will receive a 50% discount on their first purchase. We will only need you to submit your Tax ID.

Resellers will receive a 25% discount on all products

Resellers will receive a 25% discount on orders with a net amount of 200 € or more.

You will receive a 10% discount if your purchase amounts to 100 € or more

Customers will receive a 10% discount for purchases amounting to 100 Euros or more. Resellers are excluded from this offer.

Freshness and Return Guarantee
Guaranteed Handmade and Fresh

All products are handmade and aligned. We do not make our products for storage. They are freshly handmade when they leave our house, so that they can release their full potential.

Return Guarantee

If you find that our products do not satisfy your expectations, you can return them to us within 14 days without having to provide any reason. You will then receive a refund amounting to the product value into a bank account specified by yourself.