AMAVIO is a mythological and mystical source of water - every being, that drinks from it or touches it, will be enchanted and fall in love with the ever present flow of love and life.

The word AMAVIO stems from ancient Latin and is a forgotten South American word. It contains the words AMA = Love and VIO = Flow.


AMAVIO was founded in Germany and concentrates on concepts of products based on milennia-old tradition.

All our projects share a destict focus on nature and a close relation to spiritual cultures and their tradition. Our concepts unite modern requirements to effectiveness and aesthetics with consequent continuance of traditional methods and rituals.

AMAVIO currently implements two product concepts:

IQV - the elixir cosmetics based on alchemist tradition of the fifth element.
SHAMANIC - the natural healing in the shamanic tradition of the Inca.
AMAVIO also furhters the networking for spiritually inclined people. Based on this desire, the portal WORLD IN HANDS was founded:

AMAVIO was founded by Tilo Plöger just after the turn of the Milennium. Tilo Plöger, born and raised in South America in 1967, has studied Chemistry and Business Science. He has been the manager of well-known companies producing nutritional supplements and of the cosmetic industry. Furthermore, he has been investigating the old shamanic traditions both scientifically and spiritually for over 15 years. Tilo Plöger is a Reiki Master and has received shamanic training in the tradition of the Medicine Wheel.


The encompassing vision of AMAVIO is the contemporary rediscovery of milennia-old traditions by the modern man.

The harmony of the humans, nature and the spirit is visibly disrupted. The solution does not have to be re-invented. There are many proven traditions across all cultures, which can teach us how to deal with nature, the spirits and our ancestors, and thus, with ourselves.

A huge part of our ancestor's knowledge has been forgotten. However, in the new milennium, we can observe a renaissance of the old traditions. It is time to integrate this knowledge into our daily lives and to present conserve it in a modern form for the next generations to come.


The corporate mission of AMAVIO is to facilitate access to the "Old Knowledge" for the "Modern Man". We do this via our products, because concrete, touchable products allow direct and undogmatic access to complex and profound philosophies. This also facilitates change. Also, physical products are the easiest way to integrate shamanic knowledge into modern life.